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Electrical Outlets Going Above and Beyond for Every Home

Electrical Outlet Installation in Alamo & Walnut Creek

Providing High-Quality Electrical Outlet Service & Repairs

If you are remodeling your home, adding a new major appliance, upgrading your electrical system, or childproofing an older home, you may require professional help to move, install or upgrade electrical outlets. A licensed electrician should be the only person to deal with outlets, circuits, and wiring in your home, to prevent the risk of electric shock and to ensure the proper completion of the work at hand.

At East Bay Electric, Inc. we have spent over a decade completing thousands of electrical jobs for clients in and around Alamo and Walnut Creek. If you have questions about our electrical services, we will be happy to discuss your needs and how we can help.

Contact East Bay Electric, Inc. today at (925) 395-4069 to request a free estimate for electrical outlet installation in Alamo, Walnut Creek or the surrounding area!

Electrical outlet services we offer include:

  • Installing new electrical outlets;
  • Installing childproof outlets;
  • Repairing existing outlets;
  • Bringing your home up to code by updating electrical outlets;
  • Moving outlets; and
  • Designing electrical wiring and outlet placement for new construction or remodels.

GFCI & Childproof Outlets

Special outlets called GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets have been required in various areas of the home since the 1970s. These special outlets protect against the risk of electric shock by monitoring the amount of electricity flowing in a circuit and tripping the circuit as soon as an imbalance is detected. We install and service GFCI outlets in Alamo and Walnut Creek. We also install special childproof outlets that are spring-loaded to prevent an object, such as a key or paper clip, from being inserted into one side of the outlet. We can install these outlets and can also check your home to see what type of outlet you currently have and whether an upgrade is needed. This is highly recommended if you have children.

Call (925) 395-4069 today or contact us online to get started with a professional electrical outlet installation in Alamo or Walnut Creek!

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