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At East Bay Electric, Inc., our experienced residential technicians are dedicated to solving electrical issues for the community of Walnut Creek. Residents of Walnut Creek know that we live in one of the most prominent destinations in the Bay Area, but living in the “Jewel of the East Bay” comes with its fair share of electrical issues.

Walnut Creek is fortunate to have a thriving economy and a diverse dining scene with more than 100 restaurants. On a basic level, homes in the East Bay area encounter common issues just like any other area. On a major level, residents of this area have experienced power outages due to extra cautionary measures put into place by a utility company to prevent wildfires. Whenpower outages like this happen, they can lead to the following electrical issues:

After a power outage, there can often be a low-voltage condition. If the voltage is below normal, which can also happen when there is an unexpected dip in an electrical circuit, the lights might be dimmer than usual, or can even stop working entirely. The team at East Bay Electric, Inc. is here to address all of your lighting needs, offering installations and repairs for the following types of lights:

Outdoor landscape lighting

Security lighting

Recessed lighting


Ceiling fans

Accent lighting

Dimmer switches

Circuit breaker trips are common after power outages. This is when an excessive amount of electricity flows through the circuit. If this has happened to you, whether you have dealt with a power outage or not, it might be due to an overloaded circuit. Your appliances, like your washer, dryer, and microwave, are controlled by small computer circuits that are sensitive to changes in voltage.

Some clear signs that you have a bad circuit are a tripped breaker in the main panel, a burning smell near the breaker, and frayed wires. If you are dealing with this issue, our team can run tests and fault diagnostics to locate and address the issue, order new parts if necessary, and replace or repair the existing parts. We might need to reassemble circuit boards, motor components, or other parts of your system to restore the electricity in your home.

After a power outage, some people find that their outlets only work intermittently or they stop working entirely. This is likely because the outlet has been short circuited or overloaded, and the breaker cut off its power. Other potential reasons for outlet issues are:

  • Ground fault circuit interrupter issue
  • Wear and tear of the outlet
  • Poor installation

It is important to consult with an electrician if you are dealing with outlet issues because loose outlets can disrupt the flow of electricity, which can lead to a fire hazard. At East Bay Electric, Inc., we can perform the following services to get your outlets in their best condition:

  • Install new electrical outlets
  • Install childproof outlets
  • Repair existing outlets
  • Bring your home up to code by updating electrical outlets
  • Move outlets
  • Design electrical wiring and outlet placement for new construction or remodels

What Are Other Common Electrical Services for Residences in Walnut Creek?

Of course, not every electrical problem is caused by a power outage. Every building that has electricity is prone to electrical issues, and they can be caused by electrical surges, overloading, power sags and dips, faulty installation, faulty insulation, and a variety of other issues.

East Bay Electric, Inc. began more than 15 years ago with the goal of improving the look of homes through beautiful lighting. We are courteous, respectful electricians who provide unparalleled electrical services in Walnut Creek.

Whether you are dealing with electrical issues, or you would simply like to elevate the aesthetics of your home with expertly placed lighting, our team is here for you. The other electrical services we offer in Walnut Creek include:

To learn more about how our electrical services can meet your needs in Walnut Creek, call us at (925) 395-4069 or contact us online.

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