The Top In-Home Lighting Trends

Nothing can spruce up the interior design of a home more than a change in lighting. The best aspect of upgrading your lighting is that it's relatively easy and straight forward to do when compared to some other methods of updating the interior design. Home lighting trends change with each passing year, which can make it difficult to keep track of the types of changes you should make. However, there is a range of fantastic lighting trends for 2019 that you should definitely consider adding to your home.

Focus on Using Natural Materials

Natural materials are very popular right now with interior design. If your home decor consists of a large amount of bamboo, wood, clay, and wicker, you'll want to obtain lighting that matches these natural materials. The best way to do so is through lampshades made from natural materials like bamboo or linen. Pair these lampshades with light bulbs that have warm color temperatures. If budget isn't a concern, a wooden chandelier can add class and style to your home.

Consider Black and White Color Scheme

The most commonly used color scheme in modern interior design is black and white, which makes for a simple and contemporary look. White adds warmth to a room, while black tones add depth. When looking for the right lighting, you'll want to focus on high contrast lighting, which is designed to deepen blacks and brighten whites. If your interiors are mostly black, select a fixture that has a lighter color to it. Do the opposite if your interiors are mainly white. Think about purchasing some small accent lights to add to your decor.

Use Sculptural Lighting Fixtures

No matter what style your interior design matches, sculptural lighting can enhance any style. These fixtures can come in the form of ornate sconces and intricate floor lamps. They will draw the attention of anyone who walks into the room. You want to pair a sculptural fixture with a simple bulb that doesn't stand out.

When you're looking to upgrade the lighting in your home and require assistance to do so, contact East Bay Electric today so that we can provide you with quality workmanship that will deliver the results you're looking for.