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Zap! The Importance of Replacing Switches and Outlets

One thing you don't want to ignore in your home is your electric. By doing so, you can be increasing your chance of fire and further damage, that could have easily been overlooked with a simple upgrade. If you find that your outlets and switches aren't working as they should, or you are older than you, here's why you might want to consider an upgrade.

When to replace the switches

Electrical faults like power surges can cause damage to switches and sockets. Overuse is also another tip on why you should replace switches. A defect is crucial because it will limit your electrical power use. Such an issue will need to be addressed by an experienced and reliable electrician. Another bonus of switching our your switches for a more modern model? You often have newer sleeker options, such as dimmers and motion sensors. Talk to your electrician about the newer more modern alternatives that could be available, to you.

Outlet Replacement

Warm to Touch: If you are noticing your outlets are warm to the touch, it's usually a sign that something more is going on behind the scenes. A loose connection, a broken outlet. Damage wiring, your fuse or breaker is rated too high, and more. If you notice a warm outlet, it's time to stop the use of the outlet and contact an electrician, ASAP.

Not Enough Power: If you always have to visit your fuse box to trip another circuit, there is another issue you're not addressing, and that could be a shortage of energy. Today's high usage of appliances was not thought of when many older homes were created, leaving your electricity struggling to compete. By adding some extra outlets and power sources, you can stop your daily trips to your fuse box and make the most of your electrical usage.

In case of any switch or outlet replacement and repair, East Bay Electric, Inc can help. We will provide solutions to various electric problems ranging from switch and outlet replacements, installation, repair to new home wirings. Contact us, today!