The Most Common Reasons for Power Outages in the Bay Area

You stubbed your toe on the end of the bed while walking to the kitchen "junk" drawer, just to find a flashlight with dead batteries next to a package of AAs with only one left! The power just went out and you and hundreds of families across the area are acting out the same old timeless drama. What is going on in the great wide world, outside the confines of your cozy home to cue this dateless spectacle? Let's dive in and uncover the 3 most common reasons we might lose power:

Inclement Weather

High wind, heavy rain, and overbearing heat have all caused an Alamo CA Electrician to lose sleep after wreaking havoc on our electrical systems. Although electrical systems are built to stand the test, Mother Nature is no puny adversary. With a single gust of wind, a broken tree branch can sever electrical lines and ruin our evening.

If not wind, then she might send a sheet of rain to despoil both above and below ground electrical systems. Or, potentially worse of all, her extreme heat will cause you and your neighbors to "crank up the AC" and overload the whole regional electric system, requiring a full Alamo CA Electrical Repair.


It is not just high winds that cause trees to interrupt electrical services, unscrupulous utility workers, small animals or other causes of branches drooping or breaking, or even just unchecked growth can cause a branch or the entire tree itself to come in contact and ground out electrical wires. That is why it is vitally important to have an Alamo CA Electrician and utility workers constantly on the lookout for potential power hazards from trees and branches.

People - Just Like Us

That is right, one of the most common causes for Alamo CA Electrical Repair is human error. While we think of our vehicles like chariots, transporting us from one destination to the next, an Alamo CA Electrician sees our cars as a means for destruction. Imagine all of the power-line poles, electrical panels, transformer boxes, and other "electrical things" we pass every day as we drive. It just takes one accident, one careless driver, to break a link in the power grid.

It is important for us not to just know the main causes of power outages, but to take this information and put it to use. What can we do to minimize and eliminate these risks around our homes and neighborhoods?

Get in contact with your power company and your local electrician to ensure you are doing your part to maintain the integrity of our electrical system; and while it is fresh in your mind, go change the batteries in that flashlight!