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How Can Bay Area Weather Impact Your Electrical System

Traditionally, people don’t think of the weather damaging their electrical system unless there is a storm. However, there is a multitude of things that can affect electrical systems including storm systems.

While electrical grids can seem to be mostly stable, on a smaller scale there are things that can impact individual homes. The first most important assessment each homeowner must assess is how much power comes into their electrical system and is their sufficient electrical power for the home usage.

Weather Related Electrical Concerns

In the Bay Area, homeowners should know there are varying concerns for electrical uses in different seasons.

Spring-Can be a significant time to be concerned with excessive wind and rain storms which can cause power outages. It can also be a time of higher humidity causing the need for dehumidifiers to run excessively which can strain electrical systems.

Summer-During the warmer months, electrical usage is usually at its peak. Because of this, it is essential to understand that this can cause a drain on the electrical system. If a home’s electrical system is insufficient for the power usage of peak times such as summer, it can cause circuit overloads. This will result in constant tripping of circuit breakers. If left unattended, it can increase the risk of an electrical fire. Overloaded systems can be remedied with the help of Alamo CA Electrical Repair by installing more electrical breakers to accommodate the higher need.

Power surges can also cause damages to an electrical system in the summer from electrical storms. While lightning storms can occur at any time of year, summer is peak season. This is when damage can occur and may require Alamo CA Electrical Repair services to repair any damaged outlets or wiring.

It should also be noted that people run more extension cords during peak air conditioning season as they try to bring their electrical devices into a cooler room. While this may add to their personal convenience, it can also increase the risk of fire.

Electrical fires account for 50,900 home fires annually. It is the fourth leading cause of home fires in the United States. These fires result in almost 500 deaths annually and over 1,400 injuries. That is why it is important to have all electrical systems working properly in a home and to never overload circuits. To repair this hiring an Alamo CA Electrician can help run new wiring to facilitate higher electrical usage.

Additionally, if a transformer blows from excessive electrical overload in an area in the summer, the surge of electrical power from the transformer blowing can damage appliances, electronics, and wall wiring. This may require a house call by a professional Alamo CA Electrician if outlets start to overheat and not work.

Fall- Fall is a peak wind time in the Bay area as well, these power outages can put a strain on electrical grids and home electrical systems. Homeowners should always be cautious to turn off appliances during power outages so they are not adversely surged with electrical energy when the power comes back on.

Winter- Winter can also increase the risk of electrical damage from overloaded circuits from Christmas lights and electrical heating units. It is important to not overload electrical circuits during this time and be attentive to any electrical surges or circuit breaker tripping.

Because of this, all electronic equipment should be connected with a UL rated power strip which has a safe trip in the event of a power surge. Additional ways to keep a home safe from electrical fire from surges and arcs is through the installation of AFCI (arc-fault circuit interrupter) outlets and breakers.